Monday, April 25, 2011

What I'm Liking! ((Summer 2011))

                Summer is approaching and although the weather in Ohio has been anything other than warm, I have had my eye on some items/trends that I can't wait to shop for!

I stopped wearing watches several years ago because I used my cell phone for the time. However, this watch is so cute I would consider it more of an accessory. You can find it for under $50 on It's called the "Gossip Luxury Multi-Function Pave' Case Bracelet Watch"

I might be a "plain-jane", but these khaki shorts from American Eagle are cute and classy and dress up an outfit much better than jean shorts. Not to mention, my outfits tend to end up looking nautical anyways and these always match. :]

I really like this tank from Aerie, especially with a grey tank layered underneath or a grey or navy open-front sweater on top. 

This necklace from Forever21 is so cute! I feel like most of the jewelry from Forever is typically silver, gold, or black and really "match-y". This little thing just looks fun and I really want it! 

This Fox Racing dress from PacSun is comfortable and casual and would look cute with a black zip up hoodie and black accent jewelry when I'm feeling like wearing darker colors.

This sequined, slouchy top from Victoria's Secret looks great with white jeans like the model is wearing or even dark jeans. It would also look cute with the watch I posted above!

Re-post what you're liking!


  1. great post Kellie! LOVE that watch! xoxo

  2. thank you! repost yours!!! & yess i found that watch on elle&blair's "fowler sister favorites" on QVC :) yee!