Friday, April 8, 2011

10 Things To Do In San Francisco

I recently took my first trip to California and visited San Francisco, Santa Cruz, and Monterey! I went with my parents and we spent most of our time in San Francisco. It is such a unique city and if you are ever there, here are my recommendations on where to go :)

#1: Not to be cliche, but the Golden Gate Bridge is truly something you cannot miss. With the options to drive, walk, or bike across, you must find time to do this!

#2: Take a ride on a trolley car! You can purchase a Muni pass while your there and it will give you access to all public transportation such as streetcars, buses, trolleys, and cable cars.

#3: Go on a bus-guided tour! This really gave me a bigger perspective of San Francisco and also gave me ideas of places I'd like to visit there, so I recommend doing this in the beginning of your visit. Our bus left from Fisherman's Wharf, and since we got there early we had really great seats and an amazing view from the second floor of the bus! (and I have no idea who that guy is, he was just standing there when I was getting a quick shot of the bus :] )

#4: Alcatraz Island! We took a tour of Alcatraz and it was really historic and well led. Not to mention the view was amazing. We took our tour in the evening and the ferry ride back at dark was a good opportunity to see the city all lit up! This picture was taken right before the tour ended at sunset!

#5: Eat! San Francisco is the perfect place for a foodie! There were so many restaurants! I had the best breakfast of my life at Beach Street Grill close to Fisherman's Wharf! All of the food there is homemade and it was absolutely to die for! The owner, Christine Anderson is coming out with a cookbook that I cannot wait to buy to try to duplicate her food. Look for that when it comes out. We had dinner at Bocce Cafe, which is an italian restaurant and it was amazing as well. I had the best pizza and spaghetti ever. Both of these places were inexpensive, which made the experience even better.

#6: Muir Woods is a beautiful state park that showcases the tall redwood trees, as well as the other wilderness aspects of California! It is perfect for a day of hiking! The trees were so tall, this picture really doesn't even do them justice.

#7: Walk around! San Francisco is the most densely-populated city in California, and there is so much to do just within a few steps of wherever you are. The scenery will make any walk memorable.

#8: Fisherman's Wharf is a great place to go if you are looking for a touristy water-side area. The Ghirardelli chocolate company is also close by, along with food, shoppes, piers and an aquarium. There are really interesting people that come there to entertain the tourists. Below is a picture of a guy that scares people by popping out from behind a bush haha!

#9: Buy some LEVI jeans! I know that you can get these several places, however LEVI's were founded in San Fran, and at the LEVI's store, I was measured and found my perfect jeans. LEVI's now has what they call Curve ID, where you do not buy jeans just based on your size, but your curve as well. One of my favorite youtube guru's Carly posted a video explaining in better detail. Click Here For Carly's Video :) 

#10: Drive Highway 1! If you have access to a car, driving highway 1 would be a really scenic way to explore other parts of California. That is what we did and the towns of Santa Cruz and Monterey were really beautiful. With farms on one side of the road and the ocean on the other, it is one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen. We also stopped at an organic berry farm and got chocolate-covered strawberries!

Wishing you safe travels :)

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