Monday, February 28, 2011

My Current Skin Care Routine

So, my skin isn't perfect. However, I think I've found what works for me and I want to share it with other people in hopes that it could work for them too! I rarely break out now (except for midterms week this quarter) and that has given me a lot of faith in the Clean & Clear products that I have been using and a couple other products as well :) Here are the products with a description of when I use them:

I use Clean & Clear scrub from the "Morning Burst" line every time I'm in the shower, and when I remember to take my makeup off before bed. I don't always use the one above, I sometimes use the one that comes with a pump,  but I always use one from this line.

I use this moisturizer every time I get out of the shower, and before bed. It is amazing. I was using Neutrogena moisturizer that was around $11, however this is much cheaper, I usually find it for $5 and it works SO WELL. I'm oily in my T-zone and somewhat dry everywhere else and this works like a charm! Not to mention it includes sunscreen! :)

I was introduced to Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque my freshman year by a girl with wonderful skin! (Thank you Rachel) I have used it ever since and afterwards my skin is much softer and much less oily. I typically use this once a week and sometimes only once every two weeks.

I use the blackhead eraser from Clean and Clear whenever I have a lot of shine or a bad breakout. It clears everything up pretty fast and it also exfoliates.
To take care of my skin everywhere else, I use St. Ives Cellulite Shield. I have more of a concern with stretch marks than cellulite, however this lotion is firming and smells amazing. It also is so moisturizing it makes my skin look tanner. 

Have a wonderful Monday!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm going to miss you Ohio State!

With graduation approaching at what seems like lightening speeds, I have been really sentimental about everything at Ohio State. About four years ago, I was graduating from high school, a date that took FOREVER to finally come. I find it ironic that when I do not want things to be over, they speed up. That is exactly what has happened here. The past four years have FLOWN BY. When I entered Ohio State my Sophomore year, I knew it was going to be a huge challenge for me. The size was intimidating, and I knew academically it was going to be an uphill battle. However, now I could easily stick around Ohio State for another bachelor's degree and be perfectly happy. ( I say this now, but I'm sure once I was actually studying I might have another opinion. [: )

I know I am content with my choice to attend graduate school, and I am ready for that part of my life. For now, I want to give some insight into the things about Ohio State I will miss the most.

THE SIZE! Ohio State constantly rivals UArizona for the largest university in America. I love being exposed to people from literally everywhere! "People Watching"  has become one of my favorite things to do when I'm on campus all day for class. I get inspired by what everyone is wearing  and what products they are using. I hear some of the craziest conversations. Although seldom in my major, when I have HUGE classes, I like the fact that the professor does not know I'm there :) It takes a lot of guilt out of taking a day off haha! I also have so many opportunities for advancement at Ohio State because there are so many educated people here that want to spread their knowledge. If I ever need to know ANYTHING, there is someone here that has a pretty darn good answer.

The buildings! They are beautiful and each one is unique. This is University Hall where I had the Rural Sociology class that eventually helped me choose SOC as my major.

This is Orton Hall. I had a science GEC in this building at night winter quarter 2010. My professor was a  genius man who discovered evidence on what killed the dinosaurs. The things I come across...

THE OVAL! Beautiful. Enough Said! Also serves as a beach!

McPherson Hall! I had one of my hardest SOC classes in this building Winter 2010. My professor was amazing. She was so passionate about education and really stressed the importance of improving education with what you are given. I hope that I can continue her passion, and when I achieve my long-term goal of becoming a professor, someone gets inspired by me :) I also have a law class with an amazing professor this quarter there. They are both the types of professors that you just want to talk to forever because they are so interesting and wise! Must be the building :)

THE RPAC! So many cardio machines, so little time. The set up of the gym includes many levels, huge windows, and so many things to do that you never want to leave! Not to mention they have food there too :) The HUMMUS is amazing!

Mirror Lake Night. Tradition is to jump in during the week before the OSU vs Michigan game! Arguably the most obnoxious night of the year at OSU. :) That is the beauty of it though, and I will absolutely miss the festivities of that night. Epic.

Crimson Cup Mochas. I have yet to drink real "coffee", but OSU is where I began my obsession with Mochas. I only know of one Crimson Cup outside of campus, and I don't see myself driving through Clintonville just to get it. It will be dearly missed.

THOMPSON LIBRARY! Best place to get stuff done! Gorgeous architecture! The stacks remind me of pictures of the inside of The Vatican!

PARKING! HAHA JUST KIDDING! I GUESS I NEED A LITTLE STRESS TO KEEP ME ON MY TOES EVERY DAY RIGHT!? $535 for a parking pass is normal isn't it? Guess paying for parking will always seem cheap the rest of my life. :)

Spring Quarter! I'm sure I won't be the only one missing this when OSU changes to semesters :( . Everyone sits outside in the sun all day, avoiding class. Dresscode: sundresses, sandals, minimal makeup, and a tumbler. (Take your easiest classes this quarter :) ) 

Being challenged! Ohio State has helped (forced?) me to work hard and let my laziness go. Being here has shown me that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. (REALLY!) When I first entered college, I was pretty sure that flunking out was in my future. I had no confidence in my academic abilities. Now, I am accepted to graduate school and striving for even more school after that. Ohio State works you out.

FOOTBALL GAMES! Although I'm sure I will attend many more games throughout my life, being a student at OSU during football season is an entirely different experience.

Me at a game during the 2009 season :)

To end, I want to say that there probably isn't one thing that I won't miss about OSU. College has been such a journey for me and I am thankful for the route that has brought me here. Thanks to my parents for  their support & always pushing me and making sure that I had the things I needed to succeed. Thank you to all of my amazing friends that I have kept from long ago, and to the ones that I have met in these past four years. I love you all. Go Bucks :)

Academically Yours,
Class of 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What I'm Liking (((SPRING FEVER 2011)))

It seems like every year around this time when we (ohio-ans) get a taste of spring weather, I start forgetting about all of the clothes and products I was liking that winter, and get on "summer mode" for basically the remainder of the year. What can I say? I love everything about warm weather! The downside, I have a horrible winter wardrobe that consists of frumpy looking sweaters and jeans that are much too baggy for me. Not to mention that I just recently tried out the leggings trend that I thought was never going to happen for me, but I honestly believe it saved me from appearing on UWeekly's fashion police page this year. (thank-you $5 Mossimo leggings from Target)

The following are the trends that are inspiring me for the upcoming season :) Of course I will be searching for lower-priced versions of all the expensive items. (thank-you Marshalls, Filene's Basement, Forever21)

Wish me luck :)

Although I'm eager to try a much smaller crossbody purse, this purse is perfect for a "carry everything around all the time" person like me :) I'll get brave later and buy a crossbody! :)

An insert for this perfume came in one of my magazines this month, and I decided that this clean, sophisticated, slightly floral scent will be my next favorite!

These Lilly Pulitzer sandals are the perfect mix of height, and the original "flat, thong-sandal". I always love flat sandals in the summer. However, I am always missing the height that I terribly need. LOVEEE these!

I love the fit of this dress from Forever 21. If it was in navy blue, I would be in nautical heaven. Officially on the hunt!

Maybe I have a yellow obsession, but this clutch from JCrew could help me ease into the crossbody style.

My obsession with rompers started last summer, and although it is questionable whether or not they mesh with my body type, I cannot wait to shop for one like this worn by Kourtney Kardashian.

TINTED MOISTURIZER! I have yet to try tinted moisturizer, and this summer will be the summer for me. I strongly dislike cream foundation. If I can get the benefits from foundation mixed in with my moisturizer and also my SPF, I think I will be sold. We shall see!

I have been obsessed with Michael Kors sandals ever since I discovered them on a classmate in my Comparative Studies class last spring. Although expensive, Michael Kors is always fashionable, classy, and functional.

I know mesh Soffe's are old news, but they are practical and comfortable and I'm excited to wear them when I'm lounging nonetheless!

Bright nail polish! 

Cute tumblers to assist in my green-tea obsession! My favorite green tea is organic green tea by Crimson Cup. ( (This tumbler is from :)

Well, this blog post could go on for days so I am going to call it a night and surely post more of what I'm liking as the season progresses! 

Have fun getting in "summer-mode",