Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nail Colors I'm Loving For Summer!

This summer, I'm really looking forward to wearing bright, happy looking nail color as well as pale, nude colors and some taupe colors as well. Here are some of my favorites!

OPI in "How Do You Lilac It?". A perfect dupe for this is Confetti brand "Belle Of The Ball".

Any mint-colored nail polish!

Nude, natural Essie colors. They have such a wide selection it can be hard to choose. One thing I've heard is to make sure you shake the bottle before buying because it can show the real color much better. Another favorite pictured below is Essie "Playa De Platinum".

This Confetti brand taupe nail polish has a great finish and it's cheap!!

I rarely like to see my toes with no nail polish, but as far as my hands are concerned, I can sport bare-nails fairly often. If that idea isn't appealing to you, try using Sally Hansen's 2-In-1 Nail White Pencil and apply it under the tips of your nails for a more bright-white, french-manicure look.

Whatever you're wearing this season, the selection at almost every store I've been to is MASSIVE, so I am sure you will find something you love! :)

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